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  I thought Tangled was a great Disney movie. It was fresh and funny. Great for the kids and the adults.

  I really liked the movie!

  We watched Tangeld this morning and we loved it. Tangled was an amazing movie for all ages. We had a great time watching this movie it was hilarious and my kids and I absolutely loved it!!!!

  I had a delightful time watching the movie but my son did not enjoy it as mutch. The storyline was good and the caracters were well developped.

  Great movie kids had a blast.

  GREAT movie for the whole family! We enjoyed watching it and even want to go watch it again!

Our family of 4 ranging from 12 - 60 yrs of age laughed and we cried. The movie was just awesome and when the beautiful blue butterfly (with the 3D glasses on) floated in front of us...it took our breaths away. The photography was so awesome. My favourite most beautiful scene was the canoe & lantern scene. We all thoroughly enjoyed this movie and all of us from one age era to the other are telling our friends to go see it. Highly, influentially recommend it!

  I went to this movie with some reservation but ended up really loving it! Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi did a wonderful job in their roles. Every person that I talked to after the screening loved it as well. I predict that it will definitely become another Disney classic!

  very cute movie :)

  it was great lots of action, very funny