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Current Rating: 3.89

Current Rating: 3.89

based on 94 votes and 30 reviews

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  • 5 stars I was so happy to see there was a movie based on Lee Stroebel's book. I have met him, since I went to the church where his wife came to Christ & later, he became one of the pastors on staff. His was a life transformed by the power of Christ, from the inside out. Lee is an example of someone with a personal relationship with Christ, not a follower of a set of do's & don'ts. Loved the movie! Well done!
  • 5 stars This movie was awesome, extremely awesome. They are doing Big things in Hollywood, really Big things. This was a tremendous movie with an incredible message. Good people are good and bad people are bad-very bad. Bad people should be punished.
  • 5 stars Absolutely a great movie. Must see for everyone.
  • 5 stars This movie was a great film. It is an awesome tool in witnessing for Christ. How a real atheist became a believer in Christ Jesus. Made my heart & spirit jump for joy. It only saddens me that the film will soon be taken off screen.
  • 4 stars For a journalist that researches before writing a story is based on FACTS!!, not HOGWASH!!, he deserves credit for that alone, and then he drew his own conclusion based on TRUE EVIDENCE, so for an ATHEIST, to now become a believer GOOD FOR HIM, you can't deny the obvious, and we certainly didn't evolve, or come from some explosion, I'm happy for him and his family AMEN to him for not giving up on JESUS, as jesus certainly doesn't give up on us. The movie I found did move a iittle bit slow, I would have wanted to see more action
  • 1 stars yep brainwashing non-sense! washing the brain from greed, selfish, hate,resentment, murder, revenge, homosexuality and garbage talk from the brain mind and soul, I take that any day .....oh how the person that think of the flesh and only that will never see god or Jesus Christ, will never understand the spirit of holy one, so sad
  • 1 stars Terrible can's use 'evidence' to prove a faith...complete hogwash, brainwashing non-sense!
  • 4 stars praise god :) truly amazing film as it touches the heart, miracles from heaven and now The Case for Christ are on my top 50 favorite films of all time as these films are close to my top twenty, it's really hard to put into words but you have to see for yourself as this was really well done. as a child of god this would only deepen my walk with god and if your not a believer then maybe u should see this film as Christ is love. loved it very much worth seeing it, and someone else said complete garbage. it is the blind faith I will follow to a non existing god, as one thing is for sure not one man or one women will help me inherit the kingdom of heaven, only god and Christ can do that
  • 5 stars Very well done. Was not cut & dry. Good balance of a love story & presentation of facts. Makes you think through questions if you've had doubts. Those who have minds shut tight will not see the light.
  • Wow amazing movie! Great story-line but also it made me realize how naive people are who dismiss Jesus as just a garden variety God. He must be the truth and the life!

The Case for Christ

Genre:  Drama | Running Time:  112 min.
In theatres: April 7, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 3.89
based on 94 votes and 30 reviews
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Cast: Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway, Robert Forster, Frankie Faison