The Disappeared

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  I really like this family type movie so I could bring my whole family to see this picture. I rated this film as a four star rating.

  This film is not "Hollywood Pretty". It is chock-full of the gritty reality of six men adrift at sea, and what they try and do about it. Six men, trying to get home, wherever that emotional harbour is. You will not be disappointed in "The Disappeared". Raw, pithy entertainment, not for the faint of heart.

  Wonderful film. On a purely entertainment level this is a survivalist story. On a much deeper level this is about unfortunate events or tragedies that happen that we don't hear or think much about. Highly recommended.

  Great movie!

  Fabulous performances. Very moving. Loved it.

  very good

  Great suspence movie.

  Not even a laugh in this one



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