The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

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  MAGIC OF THE NICE STORY + VERY GOOD CAST and PERFORMANCE . ENTERTAINING , FUNNY, HARMLESS MOVIE. NICE to watch for whole family. There was't one bad word nudity and still is VERY GOOD !!!

  With Carell, Carey and Buscemi I thought this movie couldn't miss. It did. I didn't get through the first hour. This movie blew chunks.

  Better than expected...Jim Carrey does a great impersonation of Chris Angel. Good laughs.


  better than anticipated. Carell makes this movie with his funny facial impressions.

  Funny in parts. Kept my attention

I thought it was ok. Expected more. Jim Carrey was hilarious at moments

  This movie was awesome and funny to see!! Recommend it to all people!!

  Average movie. A few funny parts at the beginning and at the very end but no LMFAO moments.

  Reminded me of The Prestige.

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