The Last Exorcism

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  For those who didn't like the movie that's fine. The real thing is nothing like what you see in the movies, and I hope you never have the chance to see it in life. The more gore you see the less it hits you and makes it so much easier to disbelieve. I will say the ending of the movie was a waist. Being filled with demons is a very lonely personal thing. Remember this. Every day you more than likely come into contact with a person that is possesed and you won't even know it. Problem is neither will they.

  what a big "FAIL"


  wasnt nearly as good as i thought it would be, all the best parts were in the trailer


  wasnt evil enough it was stupid and didnt look real

  Simply awful. The acting, the script, the directing, the filming, the editing. ALL AWFUL. They weren't kidding when they called this one the "The LAST Exorcism" - I'll never watch another one again. Did they create this over a weekend or what?

  expected a lot better,

  The worst movie ever, sure a couple twisted scenes. None the less it's terribly bad!!!!

  Waste of money

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