The Last Stand

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  Best X-MEN ever!

  I am impressed! This action movie is awesome. Love love the old Arnold playing tough sherif.

  Amazing movie !


  It was ok, Arnie sure seems old now though. Not as much Knoxville as I thought there would be, hes just in the beginning for a couple minutes and in the end for a bit. Nothing original in the movie though. Buts its worth a watch.


  nice all-round action with brutal ruthless baddies, interesting story/variety, an unlikely scenario, (fun/funny/sad, too) but still enjoyable. worth the see. nice to see a 'handsome Asian American' as a 'good guy' (but unfortunately, he was a side-kick of a sidekick; better than nothin'!!!) thus, why i liked 'bullet to the head' more! worth the see.

  This is a great movie to watch. Now i feel like i would like to see this movie again. The acting was very good. Thumbs up Arnold and the rest of the cast!!!!.

  Arnold is back in fine form. If you take theis movie for what it is ie a real life cartoon, you'll be very entertained.Excellent!

  You got fast cars, 50 caliber machine guns, great performances from supporting actors, and Arnold making fun of his old age. I enjoyed it.

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