The Place Beyond the Pines

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  I would write a review, but this movie doesn't deserve one. It's boring, the story line changes 3 times and we follow multiple hero's through a short lineage. None of which are interesting... The terrible performance of Gosling can sometimes be a little bit funny, but really, the only respectable performance (and actor) in this film is Bradley Cooper. Eva Mendes slept her way into the film, so she gets cut from any form of respect right there. Men don't use their dicks to get into the biz, they use their cunning. Women that use their poontang are as low as a snake oil salesman.

  Kind of a pointless exercise, although I did like Mendes' performance. Very slow moving...lets hear it for fast-forward

  Excellent drama !

  Too long, but nonetheless a very good, smart movie.


  very entertaining


Slow to start, with a story line that was long in coming. I lost interest for the most part. Acting is mediocre. How this gets 4 stars is beyond me. Must be all the ladies voting for Ryan Goseling.

  interesting film and concept...exceptional acting

Excellent movie. Still thinking about this movie. Certainly one of the better movies currently playing.

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