The Wolverine

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  Entertaining action, great cast of strong female characters, and interesting (but not exciting) storyline.

  drivel.....yet another wasted X-men movie in a series of disappointing X-men movies. Wolverine (as a character) is cool enough to carry any movie he's in, but lame villians bring down a plot that was already weak, leaving you wondering why they even chose this script when there were so many better story lines to follow. Ignore the 5 star ratings, you'll watch like I did because you read the comics, but you'll be let down just the same.

  Really great movie.

  Loved how this movie followed the Wolverine mini-series comic books that detailed his time in Japan. Really enjoyed this movie and made sure to stay throughout the credits for the extra scenes:)

  The Wolverine redeems the X-Men series and stays true to the comics and shows us Wolverine's true character, with his morals and ethics, as well as his snarky remarks and hardcore attitude. Some brilliant fight scenes (the train one especially) and an interesting albeit predictable story. Best superhero movie of 2013, I'd say. Even with the movie's annoying villain. And make sure you watch the after-credits scene! Spoilers!!

  It was awesome

great movie great action special effects are great exciting good story

Wasn`t sure about this Japanese version of the wolverine but turned out very good and somewhat faithful to the X-men series. Good story and twists. Good in between/spin off/side story of the X-Men.

  Another great Marvel movie. Great performance by Hugh Jackman reprising the role of Wolverine. Lots of action. Would recommend.

  Better then the last one. even though the last one explained a lot, this is considered part 2.

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