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  Slow, plodding....didn't understand how the Quaid character came to the information...

  Was a good movie...

  good promise, bad pacing. change of context makes it boring at times. no real ending at all, who didn't see whatever they call the ending coming? just bad bad bad. could have done so much more with the idea just by making the dialogs not suck.

  it was a cool movie

  The book stolen his name is the rear window and this film are like THE SECRET WINDOW

  It's more of a drama then thriller and i'm not much for drama movies... But i loved this movie. It's got a good story to it. It is long and boring in some parts. if you can tough it through those parts. I think you would all enjoy it.

Enjoyed this movie

  ABSOLUTELY loved this movie. Please go see it, you will not be disappointed.

  Great cast; great film. :)

  This movie is slow and boring. Bring a pillow and possibly something to deaden the pain. I want my 2 hours and $11.00 back please. A big waste of good actors. Awful!!

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