To the Wonder

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  -1 stars is to good

  So boring. I didn't even see the last houer and i feel like i missed nothing

  That's 2 hours of my life I won't get back. So boring! Pointless story! Depressing! Don't waste your time and money.

  AWFUL!!! Sorry I didn't rate it two days ago when I saw it, could have saved more people being bored to death. Stayed until the bitter end, but kept wishing it would end and put me out of my misery, my husband fell asleep. Americans can't make art films...stick to what you know and entertain us. Worse than Tree Of Life. Never seen such good actors under utilized. Pointless!

  Very boring movie. Not worth the money nor the time spent to go see it.

  Movie Is So Great That The Good Movie Ends With Others

  Terrible - I watched this movie during TIFF. It has to be the most boring movie I've ever watched. There is very little dialogue, just random scenes. Yes the cinematography looks great but who can enjoy it once they've been lulled to sleep. Save your time and money.