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amazing incretible a must see best movie in 10 years


I saw this show 5 times. No, that is not a typo. I saw it 5 times. I am 32 years old and I absolutley loved it, I may go for number 6 yet. Bumble bee was incredible!! Go see this movie now.

Megan Fox is killa sexy OMFG when i saw her i was like damnn.


this movie is amazin

Great effects, the transformations were amazing, cheezy plot, but what were you expecting from animated series aimed for seven year olds in the late '80s? Some parts were drawn out and I was disappointed that they never played the original theme song once throughout. I enjoyed it immensely however and so will you!

Horrible cliche movie. Did anyone think the bad guys would win? and nerd lands hot girl, i mean come on. Garbage.

this is the stupidest movie ever

This movie had good effects but was an hour too long!