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love it!!!!

Way over my expectation!! Worth more than my $10 --5 Starts

This was a great movie i saw it twice one of the best i've seen all year

Is this a good MOVIE? NO. Is this movie entertaining? Yes. When you buy the ticket into a movie, most people aren't expecting a good movie, they are usually just spending money to be enjoyed. Now, the question is, since i'm speaking for the average person, will you enjoy this movie? The answer is yes, yes you will. The special effects are brilliant, you will laugh, you will pretty much be stunned. Though, if you ask me, is this a good movie? I will say no, but, If you ask me, Is this movie worth the money, I will say yes, because you will enjoy yourself. So, go see it! And if you are asking why it's a BAD movie? Really, it's about talking robots! But, a good movie does depend on how enjoyed

The movie has definitely got "the touch"! Awesome non-nutritional action-packed, special effect, eye-candy movie!

I went expecting another silly movie making of something that was a huge phenomena (good example scooby doo..oh how horrible !) but this was really well made. Amazing movie and they certainly didn't hold back on making it as great a movie as possible. Highly recommended.

It was awesome! The best movie I've seen in a long time.


I watched it the second time, the movie was damn good.

One of the best movies I have seen in my entire life! I have never been this excited about a movie so long after seeing it. I have seen it twice in theatres and am going in for a third time! Everyone I know doesn't just like this movie, they are moved by it! See it now.