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simply amazing

still amazing second time around in the theatre! a must see on the big screen!

The special effects and transformation sequences were unbelievable, but everything else was painfully awful. A movie needs more than just eye candy. Did the powers that be learn nothing from Spider-man 2, X2 and Batman Begins? A "comic book" movie can have good acting, writing and directing and still be profitable. Transformers just catered to the lowest common denominator. Michael Bay is a hack! =FC=

I've seen this Movie 2 times or twice already, and I say It's definitely great, and one of the best of the Summer. A Must see even better than the Harry Potter Movies in my opinion.

great movie lots of action and easy to follow

Greatest Film ever made ever! Going to see it for the 3rd time tomorrow!

Easily the best movie I've seen all year.

all i can say is amazing

this was way better than ANY of the harry potter movies OR pirates of the caribbean...havent seen this kind of great movie for a LONG, long time since lord of the rings.