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absolutely amazing...

A great movie.. A must see.. One of my favorites ever.. Anyone who doesnt like this movie, shouldnt be watching movies

Pretty good movie, as long as you make sure to go into it without too many expectations. I went in expecting nothing more than a lot of stuff blowing up, and a gung-ho "yay America" message worked into the story somehow. I wasn't disappointed.

There IS one reviewer on this site that correctly summed up Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS movie when he wrote "Retardedly amazing!". It is RETARDEDLY amazing...and so is the reaction to it.

Amazing effects but I must say, I left with a major headache and nausea from the on-screen action. Great cast...definitely for the teenage crowd. Shia Lebouf is a star in the making.

Special effects you sure they used them? I thought it was a documentary cause it looked like they just used a camera to film it in real life! BEST ACTION MOVIE IN A WHILE GO SEE IT AGAIN!

Starts off great, then drags. Go for the effects, not the silly story line. 3.50 out of 5.00

Great movie! worth see

Amazing. Well worth the wait. The effects are great,lots of action and funny too. What more can one ask for.