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GREAT MOVIE!!!!! Optimus looks better with his fighting guard on. Great action, funny aswell.

i didn't want to watch this movie at all but i loved it! it was great

When I had heard about this movie just a year ago i knew it was going to be good, but when i actually saw it, it wasn't good but it was AMAZING, Michael Bay is a great director, he makes great movies like Bad Boys II, maybe you michael could have directed the Spider-man movies yours would be better, Sam raimi can't make a spiderman film all he does is just turn them into a chick flick!

5 stars should say it all!

Action packed and funny! What more could you ask for?

Transformers is the best movie ever

I can't say this movie was amazing. I guess I should've known that Michael Bay = Big guns and explosions! I have to say the dialogue and plot was simple, but not witty. Not an intelligent movie. I preferred Die Hard, Spidey 3 and Silver Surfer over this. Go watch Ratatouille! That's a great movie.

An all out 2 hour GM commercial, other than that it was action packed...but how much better would it have been if Bumble-bee been a VW Bug?

Great movie, though, I will warn some people that if your expecting real life, don't go. This is great if your not in that state of mind which is why 5 *'s

it was the best movie I ever saw!