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Come on people, it wasn't that good. I mean it wasn't terrible, but 5 stars...give me a break.

So much fun...good summer ride.

AMAZING movie, I couldnt get up to get something to eat throught out the whole movie. Great picture and actors...just a great movie.

best movie eva

Well, I watch many movies every year but i never chose one as my most favorite movie of the year...but Transformers has to be it! It's odd because I never thought I would like it but it was absolutely amazing and the effects, storyline, plot was was great...lots of action and i love that!!!!

terrible...just aweful!

4 **** Great movie, awesome effects and I totally enjoyed it! I was worried thy would wreck it...but they didn't! I'm a child of 80s and loved Transformers as a kid.

Best movie ive ever seen!

Good movie, but i dont understand why you ppl wanna see Jap cars...the cars used were so sick,why do you want a crappy Honda in there? It's obviously a marketing strategy and it made the movie better!

Very well done, amazing CGI and fight scenes, met my expectations and was surprisingly funny with all the rampant sarcasm. As for someones comment about the GM cars, umm, google it. Had to do with licencing. If a company like GM is gonna step up and provide cars and financial backing, you better believe they are gonna use GM.