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Awesome movie, I have seen three times and each time still an amazing film.

Come on people, it wasn't that good. I mean it wasn't terrible, but 5 stars...give me a break.

So much fun...good summer ride.

AMAZING movie, I couldnt get up to get something to eat throught out the whole movie. Great picture and actors...just a great movie.

best movie eva

Well, I watch many movies every year but i never chose one as my most favorite movie of the year...but Transformers has to be it! It's odd because I never thought I would like it but it was absolutely amazing and the effects, storyline, plot was was great...lots of action and i love that!!!!

terrible...just aweful!

4 **** Great movie, awesome effects and I totally enjoyed it! I was worried thy would wreck it...but they didn't! I'm a child of 80s and loved Transformers as a kid.

Best movie ive ever seen!

Good movie, but i dont understand why you ppl wanna see Jap cars...the cars used were so sick,why do you want a crappy Honda in there? It's obviously a marketing strategy and it made the movie better!