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One word: "EPIC"

the movie was totally was action packed and hilarious!! the CG effect was nicely done...a must see for everyone


awsome... better than i expected... but kinda corny.. but all the death balances it out

It's really good, much better than I expected!! very funny too!!

Megan Fox gets 5 stars, I wish i could give the movie 10 though! Maybe it's the fact that being a kid in the 80's Transformers captured the imagination of everybody! I really love this big screen adaptation! Granted many things were changed, but for the most part i can forgive the changes made. Transformers was funny, packed with action and incredible CG, I liked the mixed cast as well! Great!!!

good movie, enough to keep those who played with the toy and watched th cartoon happy, without being campy.

This movie was fantastic. More or less true to the original cartoon; the changes that were made are not only more modern, but dare I say, better. This movie rates pretty high on my list of great films. Classic.

Very well made, a lot of satisfying destruction

Best fun and action film of the summer. Even my 14 year old daughter said it was the best movie she has seen in years. A fun thrill ride throughout. Action from start to finish. 10 thumbs up.