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WOW....AMAZING. I still get goosebumps. Best movie that I have a seen in years, And I watch ALOT of movies.

The most exciting film of the year, better theatre experience than 300 - This movie does it all!

Transformers brought to life makes for the best theatre experience ever created. The crowd was cheering the first we see on transform and when we first see Optimus

Absolutely incredible!

Defintely a great overall movie. Had everything you expected. Casting was great, CGI was amazing but more important were the live action sequences w/o the use of computers. Plot was good had some corny parts but that is what the comics were all about so I liked it.

Honestly speaking these reviews are not good enough, you've gotta see it to beleive it......

It had funny parts in the middle of the action, but it was still totally awesome!

It iz the craziest movie ever the robotz look like they're really there action non stop best movie of the summer

it is awesome i've never seen better special effects in any other movie yet!

Best movie I've seen in a long time!!! The special effects were outstanding - I think Transformers had something to offer for everyone, whether you're younger, older, male, female... everyone will enjoy it regardless if you grew up with the cartoon or not!