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A reasonably entertaining action movie. Sometimes overly energetic - it can be hard to follow with all the jump-cuts and shot changes.

"More than Meets the Eye"...

All my childhood memories came rushing back after watching this movie. I was highly skeptical at first whether it would be good compared to the cartoons, but it was EXCELLENT. Highly recommended!

Brilliant!! A stunning combination of actio, comedy and special effects! A must see movie for everyone!

best movie yet.... its a MUST see more then once on the big screen

Stunningly good!

Just Amazing!!!!!

Unbelievable!!!!! That is all I can say!

Great action! Unbelievable animation! Totally awesome movie! Must see on big screen!!!

As a major Transformer Fan.....Kick A$$ movie. Wow....doesn't matter that Bay changed a few things from the cartoon...he changed it to update it...and it worked.