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Excellent visuals and story line. Brings back old memories watching the cartoons before heading to school. This is a MUST SEE movie - everyone will enjoy watching it...again and again.

Amazing effects - however, not enough robot characters, too much story on the humans.

Just one word about this movie "Wow"

blasted good movie 4 real

Oh my gosh. This movie was AMAZING. It had everything in it. Action, comedy and a bit of romance. 5 stars and two thumbs up!


sickest movie ever!!!

One of the Best Movies I've seen! This movie was GREAT!!!

The Best action movie of this year!!!! Amazing!!!

As a life-long transformers fan, I say it is a worthy successor to a long and prod legacy. The action is great, the plot is only slightly cheesy and the effects are everything you want them to be. Transform and Roll Out!!