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WAY better than i expected. very enjoyable got what i was looking for

This movies has it all! I thought it would just be a decntly animated movie that would be a dissapointment to the transformers legacy... I was totally wrong! The animation was amazing and the actors were very well chosen.

I thought that it was going to be some movie for little kids who like things that blow up but it really wasn't. I thought it was actually a good movie -Alanna.

too good.. wow ;)

Action, humor and a hint of romance, all in one absolutely AMAZING movie!! Watch it!!!!


It was just a lot of fun to watch and as many other have indicated, unexpectedly funny too. Best movie ever ... NO, but definitely up there on the "See it again" list for sure.

Surprisingly funny. Visually stunning. Everything one could hope of an action movie...and more. A heck of a good time!

Best Movie Ever I Can't Evan Explane How Good It Was, It's Not Only For People Who Are Into Transformers And Stuff, It's For Everyone!

Pretty good for a teen action/scifi movie.