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Honestly, you don't have to know anything about 'Transformers' to enjoy it - simply AMAZING!! Great story, great actors, superb special effects, just enough laughs and this movie grabs you from start to finish and never lets go. Don't waste another minute, go see this movie, tell your friends, tell anyone that this is the MUST see movie of the year!!

LOVED THE MOVIE,Will probably see it again and again since it brings me back to my childhood years, GO OPTIMUS PRIME

this movie was awesome i dontcare what people said about it this movie was unreal 5 out of 5 no doubt. i hope they make more

this movie is amazing ive seen it three times its off the hook

Better then Spiderman!!! (But I do love spiderman)


Unexpectedly Amazing.

This was a totally awesome film! The effects were amazing, and the cast was great! The transformers were absolutely amazing to see come to life on the big screen.

it was the greatest moovie ever in my life I love it and megan fox is the hottest chick in this movie giggity!

Oh, my God! What a movie! Everybody, go see it.10 out of 10. Two thumbs up. Gonna see it again. Oh, yeah.