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wonderfull movie the best......

It's more than meets the eye....


Amazing movie... is now one of my favourite movies ever!! Really couldn't beleive I liked it so much, since I was a transfomers addict when I was smaller. Great job

I think they should have made the transformation less complicated. Looks good but a little too much, should've stuck with the transformation like the diecast toys.

Why are you suprised this movie sucked? Mike Bay's movie are always flash-bang-boom that have never had any substance, but still make money because people(including you people) are braindead idiots.

When the acting, plot and dialogue in a movie are terrible you at least expect compelling action scenes.

Megatron vs. Prime was not markworthy. At all

This has to be the best action movie of 2007. With non-stop action from beginning to end, what more can one ask for. Even if the film ended after the first 10 minutes, I would have been satisfied.