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My favourite part was when the robots were fighting.

Lots of great action, with some comic relief and a good storyline!!!!

its the best

WOW totally amazing. When i fiirst heard of this movie i thought it was going to be cartoon. im like why waste money going to see it but it was real. Michael Bay did a great job. Cant wait till the sequel. U can tell there is going to be a sequel by looking back at the end of transformers

This was an AMAZING MOVIE. Brilliant, Great. Finally a movie with intense action, after Independance Day. Can't wait for the second part.

not a movie that i would be going to see twice action was good, but could have been thought out better

Tis is a very very good movie!


Finally, a summer blockbuster that delivers all the thrills and fun that we have been waiting for.

This is why I watched cartoons as a kid. Thank you Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg