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Amazing. Simply amazing.

Fairly good movie except it dragged in some parts. Excellent CGI and great voice acting from the original Optimus Prime.'s the same guy who did the voice in the original cartoon. Only gripe I have is that it is a giant commercial for GM.

one of my all-time favs. witty, amazing special effects and made it feel realistic, great story and dialogue. although long, kept me entrenched in my seat all through and hoped it would never end. a totally complete movie and went beyond my expectations. i hope there will be a sequel! thaddeus

Greatest movie i have seen all year i can only say that this movie is mint

Ok I went to the movie expecting a very mature movie, It was but only in action seens the rest of the movie was very poorly written and it was overall very imature. It was like ghost rider looked good in commercials but was actualy a let down same with transformers P.S. This is coming from and action movie fan

Felt like I was 11 again. Brought back some great memories. The movie was really cool and except for some minor details, the creators really captured the spirit of the characters. Can't say enough, what a great film.

positively the best movie I have seen so far for the summer.

My childhood fantasy on the big screen, what more can you ask for. Absolutely incredible.

Everything you ever dreamed it could be and more. this was the BEST movie i have seen in years...

The special effects were spectacular, but Michael Bay is a hack director. He, and the writers, have got to go. So much wasted potential. =FC=