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Wow... is like the only word i could say... seeing my plastic toys a couple years ago coming to life was a great experience! speilburg really pulled it off! it was such a great movie! lots of action and perfect for the children

one of the greatest action movies ive seen in my life. it just reinvented my childhood!

Jaw dropping special effects! The first time a Transformer fully transformed the entire theater was roaring!

The best blockbuster this year. The audience was cheering. There's enough tribute to satisfy fanboys of the original cartoon. Lot's of great action and humour. It worked!

state of the art graphics, funny and believeable dialogue, and with all the dribble and letdowns from the movie industry as a whole this is a must see of the summer

best movie i've ever seen

Amazing....Loved it. Felt like I was a little kid again....Can't wait to see it again.


Best movie i've seen in years it was awesome, can't wait for part 2. I thought it wouldn't live up to the hipe like most movies but it did.

Wicked movie!!! Tried to keep the original G1 based story elements present which mattered. Great effects, and since its pretty much a setup up movie to get things established, the next one will be even better. Can't wait.