Trouble with the Curve

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  Amy Adams ruins another movie.

  OMG...what a snore. How many more cranky people is Clint going to play?? Absolutely no chemistry among the main players. Fair effort at best.

  Was okay...

  Lame and very predictible story line. Not one of Clint's best. Acting not up to scratch

  Solid performances from the cast, and an intriguing contrast to Moneyball. Whereas in Moneyball, baseball was viewed through a statistical lens to give the underdogs a chance, in this movie the romantic view of the game, valuing tradition and experience is presented, Who wins?

  This film highlights the joys of baseball, with a sentimental side. It also highlights in this movie, the parental responsibilities of an absent father following the loss of his wife. The pain of the loss of his wife was heavy but did not justify his choice to have left his daughter at such a young age. We note here the importance of the fatherly commitments, where the presence of his father was really important to her. Following the loss of his wife, he had a sense of guilt and he has fear to be at the dependant of his daughter. He founded happiness after a long absence, but he does not know how to manage his feelings. For him, he thought that his daughter would be more happy without him.

  it is amazing

  The sound seemed off on the movie but you can't go wrong with this cast!

  This is a gem of a movie, funny, witty, and with its valid points to make as well. Walked out feeling good.

great movie

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