Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

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  A great movie for its genre. One of Tyler Perry's best for sure.

  Great movie. However it's not they usual Tyler Perey style movie.

  Very touching movie. Brings you back to reality on life and the things we are faced with everyday can forever change our lives. This movie is a must see. Thank you Tyler perry for another great movie.

  this film is so educative and matured. good storyline

  Loved it. If anything cheaters should learn something from this movie. For every action there is a reaction. For Kim she had style. For her performance, it was not as natural as it could be.

  Wouldn't be bad if Kim Kardashian wasn't in it. Can she act...absolutely not! Robotic delivery and unlikeable.

  I just feel like this movie is sexist

  This Movie is hot