Young Black Stallion

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It's a complete movie,not only the black horse but also the beautiful Biana,perfect,marvelous and amazing. I really love it.

I loved it, I thought it was heart warming movie of love hope and trust with breathtaking scenes throughout the entire movie and I dont think it can be fully appreciated unless you`ve seen it in Imax.

I loved your movie

Hi I`m sandy pierce and i saw the commercials on my t.v and i thought it would be a good movie .i`m hoping my parent will get all 3 black stallion movies.I love horses.i have 4 horses. bye!

Loved it. Wish I could have seen it in IMAX but it didn`t play around here. The DVD has great extras though, like how they found Biana (love the scenes of her riding her horse at home) and also she sings the closing song during the credits for the little prequel -- nice singing!

I love animals!

i love horses alot and this is one of the best!

i`m horse lover and i like it alot and it good moive........

i thought it was wonderful...except in one scean...i think it was a filly instead of a colt...we raise horses and the little guy sure did remind us of ours... would anybody no if the grand canyon is playing anywhere?? thanks have a good day...

can i have some info & pictures so i can lirn more about the YOUNG BLACK STALLION

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