Zero Dark Thirty

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  Excellent film, perhaps a bit too cerebral for the action/adventure crowd. Politically, this film just puts it out there and lets the viewer make up their own mind about the moral aspects of the war on terror.

  I found this movie to be pretty boring.. I wish I could of just fast forwarded to the end for when the mission started, and even then I already knew what was doing to happen. I’m glad I didn’t pay to see this movie. Americans trying to make money and to make themselves look like “the heroes”

  This movie was absolute crap. Nothing but propoganda and poorly done at that.. I would give it zero stars if I could.

  smart film - a little too boring at times. Chastain over-acts, which hurts the film.

  More American Propaganda. Who cares? Wake up people. 9/11 is a lie.


  good movie

  well ctafted story...Chastain was very good!

  Regrdless if the facts of the movie are authentic or not, it was an entertaining, intense thrill-ride of a movie, with smart direction and a good performances from Chastain and Clrke

  very intense movie

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