Empire Drive-In, Westville
Empire Drive-In, Westville
Westville Highway
New Glasgow, NS  B0K 2A0
(902) 396-5175

Contact: Mathieu Gauthier

The Empire Drive In is currently open weekends. Starting Friday, June 20 the Drive In is open nightly.

Ticket prices
(including HST)
$13.50 per carload
Mon - Thur
$15.50 per carload
Fri - Sun
Box Office opens at 8:00pm and shows begin at dusk
BV Brutal Violence
CL Coarse Language
CC Crude Content
DC Disturbing Content
ESC Explicit Sexual Content
FS Frightening Scenes
GS Gory Scenes
LMO Language May Offend
LW Language Warning
MT Mature Theme
NRC Not Recommended for Children
NRYC Not Recommended for Young Children
N Nudity
OL Offensive Language
SC Sexual Content
SV Sexual Violence
SA Substance Abuse
V Violence
VS Violent Scenes

Playing: Monday, September 20