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About Alliance Cinemas

Alliance Cinemas was a theatre chain based in Vancouver, British Columbia that previously owned five locations, including University 4 Cinemas in Victoria, which was purchased by Landmark on October 31, 2013. The Fifth Avenue Cinemas location in Vancouver was first sold to Festival Cinemas, then was sold to Cineplex on March 1, 2013. There is only one Alliance Cinema left in Canada - The Beach Cinemas - at 1651 Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario. It plays blockbuster Hollywood flicks and offers special programming on six big screens, as well as a party room for kids of all ages. They offer memberships that provide members with savings on regular priced box office tickets, 10 per cent off concession and member discount Wednesdays.

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Weekend Box Office

  1. Joker $55.9M
  2. The Addams Family $30.3M
  3. Gemini Man $20.6M
  4. Abominable $6.1M
  5. Downton Abbey $4.9M
  6. Hustlers $3.9M
  7. Judy $3.2M
  8. IT: Chapter Two $3.1M
  9. Jexi $3.1M
  10. Ad Astra $1.9M