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Queen Latifah & Dolly Parton (Joyful Noise) - Interview

4,587 Views | Uploaded on May 28, 2013

Queen Latifah & Dolly Parton Interview

Dolly Parton is back in the movie game after nearly 20 years. The vivacious singer/actress is co-headlining with Queen Latifah in the uplifting film, Joyful Noise.

In the musical comedy, written and directed by Todd Graff, Parton plays G.G. Sparrow. (G.G. stands for Gorgeous Grandma.) Parton plays the widowed Divinity Church executive at odds when the newly appointed choir director, Vi Rose Hill (Latifah). Conflict arises when Vi wants the church's gospel choir to perform the same old songs at the National Joyful Noise Competition. But G.G. insists on updating the material with modern pop tunes.

Bonnie Laufer from Tribute caught up with Dolly and Queen Latifah in Los Angeles to talk about their amazing chemistry, what music means to them, food fights and who would play Dolly in her life story.


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