eyoncé Knowles is, of course, known as one third of the wildly popular all-girl trio Destiny's Child. The 20-year-old powerhouse is spreading her talent just a little bit further starring as Foxxy Cleopatra opposite Mike Myers in Austin Powers in Goldmember. Tribute caught up with the absolutely stunning singer/actress in Los Angeles to talk about her amazing success.

How badly did you want this part and how did you prepare for it?
B.K. Director Jay Roach and Mike Myers approached me. We had a reading and my mom came along, but aside from that I didn't say much. They talked to me about the character Foxxy Cleopatra and, of course, I got so excited. I went home and I watched the previous Austin Powers movies over and over again and I watched all the Blaxploitation films that I could find. Pam Grier, who played "Foxy Brown", was definitely a huge help for me. Then I got called back and I had a reading with Mike. We had great chemistry and then they called me and said I had the part. I was very excited and I knew that this was perfect and a great opportunity for me, but I didn't want to get my hopes up too high before I got that call in case I didn't get it. I knew that I would be devastated.

How much more fun could you have playing this woman?
B.K. She's perfect, the character was perfect. It was a dream come true. She was funny, she was tough, she was smart and focused but still sweet and she and Austin had a great chemistry and great relationship.

Now how exciting was it to get into those costumes, push up your cleavage and put on this huge wig!
B.K. It was an absolute riot.

Did you have any input into her look at all?
B.K. I didn't have to say anything. Actually I didn't want to say anything, because they had it right on the money. It was perfect. Every day I was able to flip through the sketches and I got even more excited. Plus, I got to do so many different things, like different looks with my hair, my Afros. Everything that you could think of from the seventies, I did it in this movie.

How was Mike Myers to work with?
B.K. He was incredible. In the beginning, I was very nervous and I'm kind of shy and he is kind of shy. So it was weird, but we warmed up and I love him. I don't know what I would have done without him. I am just so happy that I got to meet him, let alone work with him. He's a genius.

Of all the characters that he plays, which was the hardest or most challenging to work against and keep a straight face?
B.K. Fat Bastard! (laughing) Definitely Fat Bastard. He is so gross. Oh God! It was unbelievable in person. I mean you see it on the screen and it looks crazy, but in person, there is all this sweat and his facial expressions and everything, it was gross!

In just a few short years you have done so well with your career, from Destiny's Child to writing a book and now working on films. How do you keep yourself in check? Who keeps you so grounded?
B.K. My parents, definitely my mom. She lets me know the truth! She'll tell me if I'm wrong, she'll tell me when things are good and when things are bad. It is beautiful to have people around you that love you and that are there before and after all this hype is over.

As if you aren't busy enough, you have a solo album coming out. What can we expect from that?
B.K. I actually haven't really started on it, because I will be starting on another movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. (The Fighting Temptations) and then I am looking at doing another movie. So after that my album will come out.

Now that this acting bug has bit, if you had to choose between singing and acting, what would you do?
B.K. If I had to choose, I have no idea! I would just be crazy. I couldn't choose. I love singing, and I love Destiny's Child, I love music and I love performing. Acting is still a new challenge for me, but I love it.

- Bonnie Laufer-Krebs