57,000 Kilometers Between Us (57000 km entre nous)

Genre:  Drama

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A teenage girl reaches out to strangers while keeping her immediate family at arm's length in this allegorical drama focusing on the impact technology has on contemporary relationships. Nat (Marie Burgun) is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in a family that has become obsessed with the possibilities of airing their lives on the World Wide Web.

Nat's mother Margot (Florence Thomassin) has joined forces with her eccentric new husband Michel (Pascal Bongard) to document every aspect of their lives with their webcams and post the results on the internet, despite Nat's lack of enthusiasm for the idea.

Nat would rather stay with her father, though Margot is wary since he's had sexual reassignment surgery and is now living as a woman, Nicole (Stephanie Michelini), and has married a man, Khaled (Mohamed Rouabhi).

While Nat is fond of surfing the web, she only communicates with two friends she's met on line -- Simon (Mathieu Amalric), a middle-aged man with a diaper fetish, and teenaged Adrien (Hadrien Bouvier), who won't let Nat see him, fearing she'll discover he's in the hospital and had lost his air due to medical treatments. 57000 km Entre Nous (aka 57000 km Between Us) was directed and co-written by noted photographer and video artist Delphine Kreuter.

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