A Ton of Luck (Sonar no cuesta nada)

Genre:  Comedy, Drama

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A handful of soldiers are faced with the ultimate temptation, which impacts their ethical standards in different ways in this comedy-drama from Colombia.

Perlaza (Carlos Manuel Vesga), Lloreda (Diego Cadavid), Venegas (Juan Sebastian Aragon) and Porras (Manuel Jose Chaves) are four G.I.'s in the Colombian Army who are part of a counter-guerilla unit dedicated to ferreting out revolutionaries who've set up camp in the nation's jungles.

Porras is married and a dedicated family man, while the others are single and like to party hard when they're not on duty. While cleaning up after they're ambushed by guerillas, one of the soldiers makes a surprising discovery -- several tubs buried in the jungle which hold $40 million in cash, hidden by drug kingpins in cahoots with the guerillas.

While Porras predictably maintains they should leave the money alone and tell their commander Lizarazo (Marlon Moreno) about it, the others want to take the fortune for themselves. However, hiding $40 million from Lizarazo proves to be a difficult task, and spending the money without drawing attention to themselves isn't much easier.

Directed by Rodrigo Triana, an established name in Colombian television, Sonar No Cuesta Nada (aka A Ton Of Luck) was based on a true story and became a major box-office attraction at home when it opened as its real-life counterparts were on trial.

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