Alias Grace (Netflix)

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Netflix: November 3, 2017
Running time: 1h 0m
Genre: Drama, Television

In 1840s Upper Canada, young Irish immigrant Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon) is hired as a domestic servant by Nancy Montgomery (Anna Paquin), the housekeeper of Thomas Kinnear (Paul Gross), who lives in Richmond Hill. When Grace arrives, Nancy is less friendly than she first appeared, and stable hand James McDermott (Kerr Logan) is angry and gruff.

It soon becomes clear to Grace that Nancy is more than just Kinnear's housekeeper. This riles McDermott, who hates being bossed by a woman whom he considers beneath him. He decides to murder both Nancy and Kinnear, steal the valuables and make a run for it to the United States. Grace tries to talk him out of it, but winds up being an accomplice. Afterwards, when they're located, they're brought back to Toronto, where they go on trial for the murders. 

Based on Canadian author Margaret Atwood's bestselling book of the same name, which is based on a true story.

Canadian Connection Canadian Connection : Filmed in Toronto, Ontario. Director Mary Haddon, writer Sarah Polley and cast members Sarah Gadon, Paul Gross and many others are Canadian.

Director: Mary Harron
Studio: Netflix
Producer(s): Sarah Polley, D.J. Carson
Cast: Sarah Gadon, Paul Gross, Anna Paquin, Kerr Logan, Zachary Levi, Martha Burns, David Cronenberg, Diane D'Aquila, Thomas Craig, Bruce Dinsmore
Writer(s): Sarah Polley
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