Genesis: Paradise Lost 3D

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From Fathom Events, Creation Today and Sevenfold Films, the book of Genesis comes to life on the big screen with "Genesis 3D: Paradise Lost," using stunning visual effects and scientific research to dive into the history and context of this highly-scrutinized book.

If there is one part of the Bible that has undergone more scrutiny and debate than any other, it is the very beginning-Genesis. Both from within and outside the church, discussions on Genesis continue to question what exactly happened "in the beginning." This big-screen event comes to cinemas nationwide on Monday, November 13 at 7:00 p.m. local time, featuring a discussion with leaders in science and faith.

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  • 5 stars "Finally! Great film :-)"
  • 5 stars "I don't leave many reviews but this movie is amazing! Real science infused with engaging graphics and intellectual conversation from experts in various studies making this THE must see movie of 2017!!"
  • 1 star "An Honest, Fellow Christian Family Review *NOTE: If you are looking for an honest review, look at these elements: Did they watch it? Did they mention anything SPECIFIC they liked besides this is what the world needs/good message or this is not scientific with no examples? Are their reviews in depth? You can cross out all the negative atheist reviews that haven't watched it or mention anything about the movie. This movie was a disappointment. The trailers and marketing made it led you to believe that this movie was going to be majority 3D, but in fact; it was more like 40 percent 3D, 60 percent talking. We wouldn't have mind that if first, we were aware that this would be a documentary but what really was frustrating was the long segments of talking and then a small segments of 3D. They didn't integrate the 3D with the talking, instead; they made us WATCH multiple people talking while the camera was doing uncomfortable moves. Some of the shots were so bad (people looking off the screen), that it was quite unbearable. For the budget they had, you would imagine they would have an expert in the field of 3D and directing but it did not show that. The quality of the 3D was not consistent. Most of the animals were low quality and the animation of the animals was terrible. Some 3D looked like motion graphics and made just to look like 3D so there would be more 3D content. Lots of the shots looked like they were going to do something on the screen and then never did it or it just wasn't a good idea by the time they got to post production. These are all signs of a director that does not have enough experience to anticipate what is needed. The movie targeted audience was interesting too because with all the talking and how they had the movie structured seemed to be a more mature history channel format but the content was very down to earth and simple. My kids got very bored quite quickly and the content wasn't stimulating enough for my wife and I. Overall"
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