In the Room

In the Room Movie Poster

Several narratives span several decades, all of them transpiring in Room 27 of a Singapore hotel - while the ghost of a musician who died in the room watches.

Two men who care deeply about one another bid each other a poignant farewell on the eve of the Japanese invasion. Years later in the same room, a man is preparing for his last night as a man because he's about to have surgery that will change him into a woman. Even later, a single man from Singapore and a married Japanese woman have an affair. Although the man wants a future together, the woman knows their relationship can't extend beyond the walls of the room.

Director: Eric Khoo
Producer(s): Nansun Shi
Cast: Choi Woo Shik, Kim Kkobbi, Show Nishino, Daniel Jenkins, Koh Boon Pin
Writer(s): Jonathan Lim, Andrew Hook

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