Making a Murderer (Netflix)

Genre:  Documentary, Other
Running Time:  60 min.
Netflix: December 18, 2015 - Season 1
Netflix: October 19, 2018 - Season 2

Current rating: Rating: 4.75
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This 10-episode documentary series follows the story of Steven Avery, who spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit. He's released when DNA evidence points to another man, who confessed to the assault eight years earlier. At the time, police dismissed the confession, insisting they had the right man.

The show begins with Steven's release, as he gets a fresh start on life. However, just after he launches a lawsuit for $36 million in damages for his wrongful imprisonment against the police department, sheriff and district attorney of Manitowoc County, a woman goes missing.

The missing woman is Teresa Halbach, a photographer for a local auto trader magazine who'd met with Steven the afternoon before she disappeared to take photos of cars he was selling. Her murder is pinned not only on Steven, but on his intellectually disabled teenage nephew, Brendan Dassey. Despite obvious tampering with the evidence in order to make Steven appear guilty, and a coerced confession from a clearly browbeaten 16-year-old Brendan, both are convicted, despite public outcry in regards to police corruption.

In the second season, we meet Steven's new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner. She's known for getting imprisoned innocent men new trials and eventually, their freedom. She examines the evidence, which clearly shows that it was tampered with, and sets out to discover who could have committed the crime. What she uncovers will unravel the Avery family even further. The season also shows how determined the police and the District Attorney's office of the state of Wisconsin are about keeping Steven and Brendan in prison, no matter how much the evidence shows that they're both innocent and how many judges want to grant Brendan his freedom due to his obviously false confession.

Director: Moira Demos, Laura Ricciardi
Studio: Netflix
Screenplay: Moira Demos, Laura Ricciardi

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  • 5 stars "Good job on season 2. After watching this, I watched a documentary about people on death row and learned that the American justice system is a system of no justice. They sentence innocent people to the death penalty on flimsy circumstantial evidence. The police, the DA, and most judges are not to be trusted. Not only for black people, but white and Hispanic. You can be sentenced to death for "dangerous driving" if you have the bad fortune to kill someone who was not visible due to dark clothing, no lighting, etc. It's considered the same as a planned out murder. There is something very wrong with that. Not only that but juries are filled with prejudiced idiots. The US is a dangerous place. I'm so thankful I don't live there."
  • 5 stars "The state of Wisconsin has already robbed him of almost 40 years of his life. It's time to face up to the fact that the police are corrupt and someone please let him go free. His parents need him home. I am afraid they'll die before ever seeing him go free. It must eat away at them and cause so much stress to know he's innocent, but corrupt, evil people just force him to stay in prison."
  • 5 stars "His new lawyer Kathleen Zellner is amazing. If anyone can get him out, it would be her. But seeing what happened to Brendan, with three judges saying he was forced into giving that false confession and overturning the sentence, only to have the corrupt state of Wisconsin insist he stay in there, I feel she needs a miracle. As in, all the corrupt people (including the new female judge that refuses everything proposed to her) be arrested and put in jail and fresh, open-minded good people be assigned to their jobs. Because the state and the police are 100% corrupt. Wisconsin looks like a frightening place. I would never travel there. I would go to Mexico before I would go to Wisconsin."
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