Mouth to Mouth

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  • May 13, 2008 - Limited

1h 41m | Drama

How Sherry loses her virginity, her illusions and her lip ring in one trippy road trip across Europe.

Sherry is searching for a place to belong where she can still be herself. She thinks she has found this in SPARK -- Street People Armed with Radical Knowledge. She takes off in SPARK's camper van as they cross Europe recruiting a membership of the down and out. They arrive at a disused vineyard in Portugal that will be their paradise.

Harry, the group's leader, begins harvesting ripe grapes and ready minds through his own methods of hard work and punishment. The stakes are high within this volatile group. Two deaths ensure the submission of most of the recruits but not Sherry, or the apparently craziest street person, Mad Ax. Mad Ax is the least taken in by SPARK's rhetoric.

He is also in love with Sherry.

Into this Shangri-la comes Sherry's mother. Failing to persuade Sherry to leave, she decides that SPARK has more to offer than single parenthood in London. Disillusionment complete, Sherry stands up for what she knows is right, denounces SPARK, and escapes with Mad Ax into the unknown.

Director: Alison Murray
Studio: Strand Releasing
Cast: Ellen Page, Natasha Wightman, Eric Thal, August Diehl, Diana Greenwood, Beatrice Brown, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
Writer(s): Alison Murray
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