Saas bahu aur Sensex

Genre:  Comedy

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'Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex' unfolds around its central character, 'Nitya Sen' (played by rising star of Indian cinema Nitya is a young woman who has to abandon her ambition of studying an MBA in the United States when she is uprooted by her mother from the family home in Kolkata and relocated to the alien environs of Navi (new) Mumbai, following her parents' divorce.

Keen to start a new life for her daughter and herself, Nitya's mother, 'Vinita'. The mother / daughter relationship sinks to a low point so Nitya seeks solace in the company of 'Ritesh' Ritesh, a colleague at the call centre where they both work, is among a dying breed of kind-hearted, principled young men in the city.

He has a strong sense of integrity, despite dating 'Kirti' - a middle class girl with delusions of grandeur and dreams of marrying into money.

Cont/d?Serving coffee at Costa, Kirti has no qualms about spending a month's salary on a Gucci bag, and harbours the dream of marrying billionaire by birth, 'Yash Modi' the heir to a large share of the financial call centre, 'M & M', where Nitya and Ritesh work.

Paradoxically, Kirti's sister has had an arranged marriage to a traditional husband, and her role in life is now confined to housewife status and keeper of the private space of their home.

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