The Best of the Sex & Violence Cartoon Festival

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Release Date: April 5, 2008

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"Mickey Mouse, the artistic offspring of Walt Disney, has fallen afoul of the censors in a big way, largely because of his amazing success. Papas and mamas, especially mamas, have spoken vigorously to censor boards and elsewhere about what a devilish, naughty little mouse Mickey turned out to be. Now we find that Mickey is not to drink, smoke, or tease the stock in the barnyard. Mickey has been spanked.

"It is the old, old story. If nobody knows you, you can do anything, and if everybody knows you, you can't do anythinbg--except what everyone approves, which is very littlke of anything."--Terry Ramsaye, THE MOTION PICTURE HERALD, Feb. 29, 1931.

The silly folk who control the great films made during the Golden Age of The Hollywood Cartoon have cut everything they thought might poffend anyone leaving very little for those of us who love these films. Many of the best have been banned. This is your chance to see them as their creators meant us to.

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