The Chronicles of Riddick

Genre:  Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller
Running Time:  119 min.
Release Date: June 11, 2004
DVD: November 16, 2004

Current rating: Rating: 3.58
based on 25664 votes and 81 reviews
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Cast: Vin Diesel, Thandie Newton, Karl Urban, Colm Feore, Linus Roache, Keith David, Yorick Van Wageningen, Alexa Davalos, Judi Dench


Riddick (Vin Diesel) has spent the last five years on the move among the forgotten worlds on the outskirts of the galaxy, eluding mercenaries bent on collecting the price on his head. Now, the fugitive finds himself on planet Helion, home to a progressive multicultural society that has been invaded by the Lord Marshal, a despot who targets humans for subjugation with his army of warriors known as Necromongers.

Exiled to a subterranean prison where extremes of temperature range from arctic nights to volcanic days, Riddick encounters Kyra, the lone survivor from an earlier chapter in his life. His efforts to free himself and Kyra lead him to the Necromonger command ship, where he is pitted against the Lord Marshal in an apocalyptic battle with possibly the fate of all beings -- both living and dead -- hanging in the balance.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Director: David Twohy
Studio: Universal Pictures
Producer(s): Vin Diesel, Scott Kroopf
Screenplay: David Twohy
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  • 4 stars "It would be even better if it was more cruel and dark. The best part is that one on the prison planet Crematoria. Also the chemistry between Riddick and his rival, the merc Toombs, works great. The weird worlds are creative, reminding darker and more cynical Star Wars."
  • 4 stars "Vin Diesel can´t act? :D And how exactly should one play cynical, slightly psychopatic escaped convict? Diesel was born for this role! Riddick is equaly iconic character as Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. One certainly doesn´t need to have elastic face like Jim Carrey for this kind of role. Rather the opposite."
  • 4 stars "Big step in the different course than Pitch Black was. Very brave step. I like the fantasy stuff, beautifully hostile planets and insane Crematoria physical laws :D , Twisted Necromonger religion (they are like crossbreed of Nazis and the Empire from Star Wars) and the best part - funny teasing and insulting between Riddick and Toombs. I would love to see Toombs in some sequel(s) in the future. What puts one star away is the PG-13 rating. The movie could be darker, more violent and cooler if the rating was R. Kyra-the character obviously for teenagers- is annoying mentally broken stalker who pretends to be badass like Riddick but is just pathetic. She loves to play "who is the better killer" but fails to stab Lord Marshal to the sweet spot when standing behind his back and when he´s distracted with fighting Riddick. She´s angry at Riddick and blames him for her own mistakes. If she was really badass, strong mature person, she would accept she destroyed her life and apologize him. And the most disturbing part - she signed up with mercs to find Riddick. She didn´t care he might get killed because of her. She was so obsessed with him she rather put his life in danger than to let him live his life. It bothers me ´cause teenagers romanticize her obsession and see it as love. Fortunatelly Riddick still sees her as a child who needs protection, not as potential partner (and script on Twohy´s website confirms this for sure). She´s not equal to him in any way and it would be pathetic if he saw her as a suitable partner. It wasn´t IMHO neccessary to put Kyra in the movie at all. Riddick could just escape the prison with some other people and go to kill the Lord Marshal because he killed the most of his nation and tried to kill him as a baby. The self-fullfilling prophecy is good and Necro Purifier who in fact was the one who "dreamed of it" and indirectly caused the holocaust of his nation is touching and very good part o"