The We and the I

The We and the I Movie Poster
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  • April 26, 2013 - Montréal

1h 43m | Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

A group of high school students take a New York City bus ride home on the last day of school. They feel more liberated than usual and act out as only teens do while surrounded by their peers. They gossip and revel, brag and bully, tease and laugh at each other, but hidden beneath the cruelty, insecurity and naiveté of adolescence, the teens gradually reveal their loves, conflicts, anxieties and hopes as they each step off the bus into summer.

Director: Michel Gondry
Studio: 108 Media
Cast: Michael Brodie, Teresa Lynn, Raymond Delgado, Jonathon Ortiz, Jonathon Scott Worrell, Alex Paul Barrios, Laidychen Carrasco, Meghan Murphy
Writer(s): Michel Gondry

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