The Wild Chicks and Life (Die Wilden Huhner und das Leben)

Genre:  Comedy

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Most kids would see a class trip to an idyllic castle nestled in a lush countryside as a welcome opportunity to have fun, play pranks and plot romantic rendezvous. But other than Trude, who's developing a crush on Steve, the Wild Chicks aren't in the mood for any of the above. Sprotte is upset and confused that Fred wants to rush their first time.

Melanie has been in a foul mood for days now, and won't tell her friends what's wrong. Frieda, suspecting she is having problems with her boyfriend Willi, tries to mediate between the two but Frieda starts falling in love with Willi herself.

Wilma can't think of anything but her acting career and to top it all off, Sprotte's mom is going along on the trip as bus driver. The chicks and their male counterparts can't be bothered with exploring the wonders of nature--they're in over their heads in exploring the wonders of young adulthood.

This means letting go of cherished friends and comforting rituals as well as accepting their own and others' failings and strengths. In the end, the Wild Chicks come back from their class trip a little bit wiser, and more ready to face the facts of love and life.

Director: Vivian Naefe

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