Traffic Stop

Genre:  Documentary, Short
Running Time:  30 min.
Release year:  2017

Current rating: Rating: 1.00
based on 4 votes and 2 reviews
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Breaion King, a 26-year-old African-American elementary school teacher from Austin, Texas, was stopped for a routine traffic violation in June 2015, that escalated into a dramatic arrest. Caught on police dashcams, King was pulled from her car by the arresting officer, repeatedly thrown to the ground and handcuffed.

During the trip to jail in the police car, she engaged in a revealing conversation with another white officer about race and law enforcement in America. The documentary juxtaposes dashcam footage with scenes from King's everyday life.

Director: Kate Davis
Studio: HBO Films
Producer(s): David Heilbroner
Screenplay: Kate Davis

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  • 1 star "I completely agree with what the other reviewer below me said."
  • 1 star "The main character incorrectly painted herself as a victim when she clearly had a role in the events leading to her arrest. From the onset of the videotape she attempted to manipulate the situation. First by getting out of her vehicle when being stopped by the officer. Then arguing with the officer about his authority to pull her over when she was already stopped; and her claim that her only reason for stopping and parking was to get something to eat, but without her wallet. She goes on to argue with the officer about getting back into her vehicle even amidst his many requests. Then she refuses to put her feet in the car, while continuing to argue with the officer and goes on to resist arrest, tell at him, talk as if she did nothing to warrant the initial stop or the officer repeated requests. All this before kicking the door of the car. Bottom line...had she remained in her car and adhered to the officers many requests, the most she may have had to deal with was paying a traffic fine and having her car insurance rates increase. Or, if she still felt she was incorrectly stopped, having to go through the hassle of taking a day off to appear in court to argue the ticket. But instead, she became immediately argumentative and increasingly bombastic. She was no victim of anything but the story she created in her head. Unfortunately there ARE real victims of this type of abuse out there. But the director certainly chose the wrong person(s) to highlight, thus negatively impacting hers and the real victims credibility."
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