Traffic Stop

Genre:  Documentary, Short
Running Time:  30 min.
Release year:  2017

Current rating: Rating: 1.00
based on 12 votes and 6 reviews
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Breaion King, a 26-year-old African-American elementary school teacher from Austin, Texas, was stopped for a routine traffic violation in June 2015, that escalated into a dramatic arrest. Caught on police dashcams, King was pulled from her car by the arresting officer, repeatedly thrown to the ground and handcuffed.

During the trip to jail in the police car, she engaged in a revealing conversation with another white officer about race and law enforcement in America. The documentary juxtaposes dashcam footage with scenes from King's everyday life.

Director: Kate Davis
Studio: HBO Films
Producer(s): David Heilbroner
Screenplay: Kate Davis

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  • 1 star "I TOTALLY AM EMBARRASSED. I am a black woman and from the beginning I was shaking my head. This woman took a very sensitive issue in the black community and turned it into a joke. First of all, why are you so defensive from the beginning with the officer?. (I COMMEND HIM AND HIS PATIENCE). He did nothing to deserve that type of treatment from anyone just getting a ticket. First you tell him to hurry up? WTF. You wanted to make a scene to get out of the ticket when you could have just closed your door and went with the process, he didnt just do this to you and racially or physically with the drive in line full. You wanted to tell him what you thought the law was argue with him... Again WHY? You seen the lights when he caught up to you because its a reflex and you watched him pull up behind you and then you wanted to act like he wasn't there when you got out? COME ON... You telling me you ain't seen those light behind you car? You knew what you were doing the whole time, erratically crying and then talk with the same breath! I feel you set us back and I am so embarrassed that you portrayed your self as this person that didn't deserve it, you deserved it. Please BLACK WOMAN, show the children that all they have to do is follow the law and keep it moving"
  • 1 star "I am surprised that this was rated so high by the critics. Unless there are a significant number of people who think that it is perfectly acceptable to be argumentative, disrespectful and untruthful to police in even the most innocuous of situations (routine traffic stop). She was all three from the outset. It then escalated to the point I questioned her sanity and wondered if she shouldn't have been tasered for her own good. She continues throughout the film to behave rather strange. The sad thing is that she teaches children."
  • 1 star "Con't: ...stated that you are under arrest. It IS against the law to try flee from custody once you have been arrested. Furthermore, put yourself in this officers shoes. At no point did he do anything more than try to handcuff this woman. He had every right to use his Tazer, OC (pepper spray), or his fists...and he chose to use NONE of them! Listen closely when he describes the encounter, and then rewind it and watch it again. He isn't even denying slam her to the ground (while she was trying to get away from him after being told she was under arrest). It's one thing to not like the laws in your state. If so, go talk to your elected officials about that. But don't paint yourself as a victim of a crime that NEEDS to be taken seriously when it occurs (far too often). And don't do it on the back of an innocent man. This film disgusts me, and the fact that it was nominated for an award is telling of just how far political correctness has run amok in our society."
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