Tell us: Do Razzies deserve a Raspberry?

The Golden Raspberry Awards were created in 1980 by author John Wilson as an antidote to Hollywood’s congratulatory awards season. Last year Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar for Best Actress in The Blind Side, also won a Razzie for All About Steve and being a good sport, picked up the prize in person. (Actually, she took the prototype Razzie award home instead of the $4.95 homemade trophy that’s given out, and the organizers wanted it back). Every year there are a number of really bad movies and the Razzies usually pick from them, but this year Wilson, who’s in his late 50s, and his friends went after movies (and actors) that appeal to teenagers, some of which actually got a fair percentage of good reviews, such as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Several movie sites are questioning the choice of movies and actors this year, and we have to admit, we’re among them. The Razzies’ official site gives a link to Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the 10 worst-reviewed movies of 2010, which includes groaners such as Furry Vengeance, Grown Ups, My Soul to Take, Little Fockers, Saw 3D and Killers, none of which, oddly enough, were nominated for Worst Picture by the Razzies. Here’s a full list of nominees — let us know what you think. Are Wilson and his aging buds going after young actors and youth-oriented movies — not because they’re bad, but because they personally don’t like them? Do the Razzie nominations this year deserve a Razzie award themselves for worst nominations?

Worst Picture
Vampires Suck
The Bounty Hunter
The Last Airbender
Sex and the City 2
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Worst Actor
Jack Black, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’
Gerard Butler, ‘The Bounty Hunter’
Ashton Kutcher, ‘Killers’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’
Taylor Lautner, ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’
Robert Pattinson, ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

Worst Actress
Jennifer Aniston, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ and ‘The Switch’
Miley Cyrus, ‘The Last Song’
The Four Gal Pals, ‘Sex and the City 2′
Megan Fox, ‘Jonah Hex’
Kristen Stewart, ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

Worst Supporting Actor
Billy Ray Cyrus, ‘The Last Song’
George Lopez, ‘Marmaduke,’ ‘The Spy Next Door’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’
Dev Patel, ‘The Last Airbender’
Jackson Rathbone, ‘The Last Airbender’ and ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
Rob Schneider, ‘Grown Ups’

Worst Supporting Actress
Jessica Alba, ‘The Killer Inside Me,’ ‘Little Fockers,’ ‘Machete’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’
Cher, ‘Burlesque’
Liza Minnelli, ‘Sex and the City 2′
Nicola Peltz, ‘The Last Airbender’
Barbra Streisand, ‘Little Fockers’

Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use of 3-D
‘Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore’
‘Clash of the Titans’
‘The Last Airbender’
‘Nutcracker 3-D’
‘Saw 3-D’

Worst Screen Couple / Ensemble
Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler, ‘The Bounty Hunter’
Josh Brolin’s Face & Megan Fox’s Accent, ‘Jonah Hex’
The Entire Cast, ‘The Last Airbender’
The Entire Cast, ‘Sex and the City 2′
The Entire Cast, ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

Worst Director
‘The Expendables,’ Sylvester Stallone
‘The Last Airbender,’ M. Night Shyamalan
‘Sex and the City 2,’ Michael Patrick King
‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse,’ David Slade
‘Vampires Suck,’ Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer

Worst Screenplay
‘The Last Airbender,’ M. Night Shyamalan
‘Little Fockers,’ Michael Hamburg & Larry Stuckey
‘Sex and the City 2,’ Michael Patrick King
‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse,’ Melissa Rosenberg
‘Vampires Suck,’ Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel
‘Clash of the Titans’
‘The Last Airbender’
‘Sex and the City 2′
‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
‘Vampires Suck’

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Christie • January 27, 2011 @ 12:09 AM

    They totally screwed up this year. Twilight Eclipse was good, just because they’re old and don’t get it, doesn’t mean it was bad. If it was the first Twilight, okay, but every movie in the series has gotten better and better and so has the acting (probably due to way better directors). Robert Pattinson was perfect in Eclipse, exactly the way Edward is in the book.

  2. jjones • January 27, 2011 @ 12:18 PM

    I didn’t see all of the movies on the list, but out of the ones I did see, I get some nominations, but not others.

    I’m a Twilight fan, but I do agree with the worst Actress nomination going to Kristen. I don’t find her creative enough for that role. The boys however, don’t deserve their nomination nor does the movie. I don’t think any are Oscar quality, they are much better than the Razzies.

    I also don’t think Gerard Butler or Jennifer Aniston deserved their nomination either. And poor Jessica Alba, someone’s not a fan.

    It is possible that these guys are not looking at the whole package when viewing these movies and for the most part I find critics are tougher on movies that the fans love which is why I don’t pay any attention to ratings.

    Maybe years like this one will send a message to Wilson that the fans don’t care what they think and they’ll just go away.

  3. jjones • January 27, 2011 @ 12:23 PM

    Oh and what’s with Vampire’s Suck being on the list? It’s a spoof, it’s supposed to suck, that’s kind of the point here people. I thought it was pretty good for a spoof and that girl who played Bella, she was bang on in her likeness to the awkward Kristen (no I’m not Kristen hater, just think she can do better – there’s too much of her own mannerisms in her characters).

  4. Angela • January 27, 2011 @ 2:06 PM

    I doubt they even watched any of the Twilight movies. Most people who hate Twilight haven’t seen any of the movies or read the books. I agree with jj, Taylor and Robert did a really good job in Eclipse. Kristen was better than she was in the first two, although she’s still not doing the role justice, she doesn’t put enough personality into it. I don’t know if she deserves a razzie, though.

  5. Kyrie • January 27, 2011 @ 3:39 PM

    Well being a new person to the Twilight saga movies and books and being over 40, I really enjoyed them. Perhaps the ones that compile these “Razzie” lists, need to just step back a bit. After all, everyone needs to start somewere! Am really looking forward to seeing the Breaking Dawn movies. I find them to be very well done and they keep close to the books. Much better than many so called dramas they rant about in the Oscars.

  6. bubbles • January 27, 2011 @ 4:19 PM

    I agree with all the nominations – it’s been a really weak year at the movies.

  7. Cheryl • January 27, 2011 @ 5:30 PM

    I think the choices are pretty acurate, although I think you correct that there are way worse films then the last Twilight movie.

  8. anonymous2 • January 27, 2011 @ 7:33 PM

    The Tourist,Johnny Depp and Angelina should have got Razzie nominations.

  9. Ko • January 27, 2011 @ 8:19 PM

    Erhm, Eclipse was just horrible. Kristen Stewart was bland as usual, and the boys didn’t do anything fascinating. I do think that T.Lautner deserves it for Valentine’s Day though. Robert does not deserve it, for Remember Me. He was good in that!

  10. Sandra • January 27, 2011 @ 8:58 PM

    I’m old, and never read the Twilight books, but thought “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” was very, very good. A couple of bad calls like this one and the Razzies will quickly become irrelevant.
    Maybe they are hoping one of the big stars of Twilight will show at their silly awards like Bullock did? Dream on Razzies!

  11. Jo-Anne • January 27, 2011 @ 9:55 PM

    Sex and the City 2 sucked supremely…..made the vampire series look like Academy Award shoe in (all categories)….

  12. Podman • January 28, 2011 @ 8:21 AM

    The list is good and could be bigger. As for vampire movies, they are too many of them and not one of Twilight series is even close to 1992 Bram Stoker’s Dracula or yet the classics like the 1931 Dracula with Bela Legosi or 1922 Nosferatu these were in a league of their own

  13. Andrea • January 28, 2011 @ 10:54 AM

    Sorry, Rob was amazing in Remember Me, and that makes it obvious they’re going after the Twilight stars just because they’re in Twilight. I don’t think they saw Remember Me or they’d realize what asses they look like nominating him for that. They might want to take a look at Eclipse too, before nominating it. And I agree with Sandra above — they may think that this will get Twilight stars to show up but I doubt it. Sandra Bullock had won a Golden Globe about a month prior to the Razzies and was the favourite to win the Oscar, so her showing up was really to prove to them that they’re stupid. An Oscar winner won a Razzie the night before winning the Oscar — that shows that the Razzies don’t know good acting from bad.

  14. Debbie • January 28, 2011 @ 12:06 PM

    Angelina Jolie should have been at the top of the list for making a slew of bad movies including The Tourist, Salt

  15. Terrence • January 28, 2011 @ 12:10 PM

    I don’t agree that it’s been a weak year at the movies, bubbles. There were so many really excellent films this year and I’m glad to see they’re getting the recognition they deserve at the Oscars. I was really surprised how many great animated ones there were, as well. There were duds (20 minutes into How Do You Know I started looking at my watch, hoping it would get better but it never did and Reese, Jack and Owen all deserve Razzie nominations for that waste of time, as well as the director and screenwriter) but the worst of them don’t seem to have made it into the Razzies. I’d like to know how they choose, do they see every movie that comes out? Or just base it on the trailer and guess? I can’t see some guy who’s in his 50s going to see Vampires Suck. Or Twilight. I disagree with Podman, at least, I think he’s missing the point. Twilight isn’t trying to be a vampire movie like Dracula or any of the classics, so it’s unfair to compare, it’s a totally difference genre of movie altogether. Teenage girls (and adult women) aren’t going because it’s a horror. The author of the books was never aiming at that. I don’t like vampire movies myself, and vampires are fictional in the first place, so if someone wants to be imaginative and do a different take on them, I don’t see the problem. However I agree with jjones that Vampires Suck is a spoof and obviously is going to be “bad”, isn’t that what spoofs are about? Lame.

  16. eldon • January 31, 2011 @ 11:13 AM

    anyone see the last airbender thats 2 hours of my life im never getting back and vampires suck is a spoof movie a very very unfunny spoof movie. whats even worse is all the twilight movies what an abomination to human society i think all the nods for razzies this year are accurate!

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