93rd Academy Awards will be live, not virtual in 2021

By Alexandra Heilbron on December 2, 2020 | 21 Comments

Although events such as awards shows and film festivals have been virtual since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the 93rd Academy Awards will be live and in-person, according to a statement from an Academy representative.

The rep told Variety, which broke the news: “The Oscars in-person telecast will happen.”

The awards ceremony has been moved to April 25, 2021 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which means officials are hoping that by then, vaccines will have been introduced and the numbers will have gone down enough to allow attendees to feel safe.

The ceremony will once again be held inside the 3,400-seat Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, although it has yet to be determined whether attendance will be limited, with socially distanced seating.

Streaming productions will be eligible

The Academy has also moved the final date for movies to be eligible for nomination from Dec. 31, 2020 to Feb. 28, 2021, and additionally, films that premiered on streaming platforms will also qualify for submission this year. A number of blockbusters, including as Disney’s live-action Mulan and Tom Hanks’ Greyhound, skipped theaters and went straight to streamers, where they enjoyed large viewing numbers. In fact, Greyhound gave Apple TV+ its biggest opening weekend to date.

Other awards shows, such as the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, have not yet decided whether they’ll be in person events or a combination of virtual and in person. ~Alexandra Heilbron

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  1. Jean Steep • December 2, 2020 @ 10:36 AM

    My favorite time is having a meal with family.

  2. Mary Mceleney • December 2, 2020 @ 10:57 AM

    Decorating the house 🎄

  3. Gordon Bishop • December 2, 2020 @ 2:17 PM

    Family dinner

  4. Linda Hebb • December 2, 2020 @ 3:50 PM

    Sit down turkey dinner

  5. Dolores B • December 2, 2020 @ 4:15 PM

    My favorite Christmas time is shopping and wrapping gifts for everyone and decorating the house.

  6. Dolores B • December 2, 2020 @ 4:18 PM

    My favourite Christmas time is shopping and wrapping gifts for everyone and decorating the house.

  7. Anna Donato • December 2, 2020 @ 4:33 PM

    Play board games after dinner

  8. Tarah • December 2, 2020 @ 6:28 PM

    I don;t think it will safe to meet even in April

  9. Mary Lou MacKenzie • December 2, 2020 @ 10:57 PM

    It would be wonderful if the Academy Awards could safely be held in person this April, but I personally would not want to attend a large gathering until the vaccine is proven effective. .@IcanLou

  10. andre fradet • December 3, 2020 @ 6:12 AM

    Mon plat de vacances préféré est le gâteau aux fruits

  11. Julie George • December 3, 2020 @ 10:16 AM

    I’l be glad to see the Academy Awards in whatever form they end up. It’s always a me day to curl up & enjoy.

  12. Lisa DT • December 3, 2020 @ 1:09 PM

    oscars to decorate the Hall entry.
    Roast Beef for me.

  13. Georgia Badovinac • December 3, 2020 @ 1:35 PM

    Eating and Drinking Prosecco with great friends while watching the Oscars … lots of laughter and fun.

  14. Kimberly Crosby • December 3, 2020 @ 1:56 PM

    This year I will be remembering Christmas’s past. Spent with my husband, who passed last Dec. 26. He has been greatly missed. I will try to spend sometime with our nieces. as we had no children of our own.

  15. Andrea Bolley • December 3, 2020 @ 2:11 PM

    Its the best of times … as the city calls me THE6MOM ! …as Drake ‘s the6ix ! Blessed and Thankful

  16. Jean • December 3, 2020 @ 4:37 PM

    I love the Christmas when all our family were together. My grandfather made us girls a handmade small dresser with mirror, it was great, and he made several other wood work items. He as a great carpenter. We sure miss him, but he will be with us in spirit..

  17. Kim Budd • December 3, 2020 @ 5:58 PM

    My favorite time at christmas is getting together with family and having a great turkey dinner.

  18. Nancy Scott • December 4, 2020 @ 2:17 AM

    My favorite time is Christmas morning – we open stockings, have breakfast and take our coffee in to the living room. My youngest is always Santa and one gift opened at a time while everyone watches. It takes all morning but we enjoy it so much. My kids are all adults now but they still love our gathering Christmas morning including my little granddaughter!

  19. Rachelle Pilon • December 4, 2020 @ 3:15 PM

    Thank you

  20. Lyubov Fridllyand • December 5, 2020 @ 1:03 PM

    I hope to win a vacuum cleaner. Have a nice day.

  21. gerald francis • December 10, 2020 @ 8:31 PM

    my fave is the feast sister in law does it and everyone apprieceates from old and young

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