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Batkid Begins DVD review – One boy. One dream. One epic day.

Offer someone a free DVD to watch. Tell them it’s a documentary and watch as their excitement over the prospect of entertainment turns to disappointment and their lips form the words “No thank you.” They will argue that movies are supposed to be a diversion and that... full story

Julia Roberts to star in Batkid Begins

But not as Batkid. Julia Roberts has inked a deal to produce and star in the feature movie remake of the Dana Nachman documentary Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World. The documentary debuted at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival. The movie is about five-year-old Miles Scott from Tulelake,... full story

Magic Mike XXL now on DVD

Magic Mike is back in the sequel Magic Mike XXL. Channing Tatum plays Mike, who’s gotten out of stripping and is running a struggling furniture design business. When he gets a prank call from one of his former stripping friends, he connects with them again and decides to join them... full story

Air stars Djimon Hounsou and Norman Reedus in post-apocalyptic drama

In the new Blu-ray release Air, two working class men – Cartwright (Djimon Hounsou) and Bauer (Norman Reedus) – have been given the task of being “custodians” of a number of “sleepers.” You see, there’s been a chemical war that wiped out all the oxygen on Earth and therefore,... full story

New on DVD – Magic Mike XXL, Insidious Chapter 3 and more!

There are quite a few new DVD releases for October 6, 2015 and quite the variety of topic. From male strippers (Magic Mike XXL) and superheroes to dirty cops and real life heroes (Batkid Begins), the choice is yours. The sequel to Magic Mike finds Magic Mike (Channing Tatum)... full story

New releases this week – Minions, Self/less and more

Jurassic World and Inside Out have reigned at the box office in the past couple of weeks, but will a new animated movie about little yellow creatures take the top spot against those two this weekend? Here’s what’s opening today. The Minions are back, this time in a prequel to the... full story

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